Tim Mainka Unleashes Worldwide
Sonic Freedom™ Debut CD Album Release,
"Just Give Me Some Time"

Tim Mainka, the singer-songwriter, musician and producer known as Sonic Freedom™, has just released his debut CD , “Just Give Me Some Time,” mastered by Ty Tabor of the band King’s X. Both fans and industry take note of the remarkable talents of Tim Mainka, the multi-instrumentalist and sole performer and producer of his recordings.

GRAND RAPIDS, MI, USA, Sept 2, 2005. Tim Mainka, the singer-songwriter, musician and producer known as Sonic Freedom™, has just released his debut CD album, “Just Give Me Some Time". The album is an independent artist release on the record label, Sonic Freedom Records, and available for purchase at JustGiveMeSomeTime.com

The Sonic Freedom™ debut CD “Just Give Me Some Time” is mastered by Ty Tabor of the band King’s X, who honored Tim saying, "Tim, you rule the earth." The celebrated rock trio, King’s X has a worldwide following, 12 official releases, most notably, the 1990 release, “Faith Hope Love” which peaked at 31 on Billboard Top 50.

Fans and industry professionals have taken note of his remarkable talents in his numerous appearances in international song competitions. Industry professional, OrphanEddie from MakeAStar.com, noted in review:

"Your skills are clearly there: you can play multiple instruments, write melodically-catchy songs and sing quite well...the vocals, guitars and bass are all really good technically. The lead guitar solo was really impressive. If you are playing all the instruments I’m really impressed. Usually I can tell if this is the case, but this sounds pretty much like a band. Nice work!"

Tim Mainka not only achieves sonic freedom as a multi-instrumentalist, on his debut CD album, “Just Give Me Some Time,” but also as a leader who encourages others to follow him into the next sonic frontier, the emerging new genre of rock/pop music: Posirock. Find out more about Posirock (a compound word, from Positive and Rock) in Tim's interview at JustGiveMeSomeTime.com Other bands are invited to embrace this musical revolution and receive benefits, news, and free resources at Posirock.com

Another industry professional from MakeAStar.com remarked upon Tim’s unique genre-transcending style, "Rich, flowing, creative and energetic, this track cuts through several musical genre barriers and comes out the other side in its own bag. Thanks again for reinventing the vibe...your group should have no problem garnering the attention it deserves for long enough to sustain several offers to record for, publish, license, and release many of your works into the world markets. Sale (Sail) on!..." - Zip, MakeAStar.com

Curtis Lowell, also from MakeAStar.com, has commented on Sonic Freedom™ - Tim Mainka's pioneering sound: "You have a unique sound...there is a lot of invention...the vocals adds a further musical dimension...you have real spirit in your voice...the overall effect is solid."

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“Just Give Me Some Time” is a landmark album, establishing the Posirock genre. Essentially, Posirock is like pop/rock, however Posirock music maintains a positive vibe in all. Here's one inspiring testimonial Tim received, which lauds Sonic Freedom's Posirock:

"I was looking for inspirational music with a kick @ss sound-man, you rock! You've got it all. I was at a low point in my life and you lifted me up right out of the trenches of despair." - Kyle W

Tim Mainka wrote, performed and produced all the music--instrumentals, vocals, and lyrics.

A native of Les Paul's hometown in Wisconsin, Tim Mainka grew up in a household of musically active brothers. Hearing his brothers play all kinds of rock on the drums, Tim, at the age of ten, said to himself, "I can do that too. I can be a rock star." He quickly started to teach himself Mötley Crüe and Guns 'N Roses songs. At age twelve, he picked up guitar and wrote his first power chord rock song. By age thirteen, he took up bass which became his forte in numerous bands, including the Waukesha based progressive instrumental rock trio, "Torque", in which he could show off his Billy Sheehan, Geddy Lee, Jaco Pastorius, Cliff Burton, Les Claypool inspired chops. Self-taught, Tim enthusiastically explored these instruments with confidence as he embarked upon his lifelong musical destiny.

Some reviewers have compared Tim’s work to the works of Dave Matthews, Lenny Kravitz, Yes, the Raspberries, Jethro Tull, and Rush. Listeners are encouraged to decide for themselves in the best way possible, by listening to the CD in the comfort of their favorite surroundings. The debut CD release, 7 bonuses, including custom picks and special mp3s tracks exclusive from the CD tracks, are offered at JustGiveMeSomeTime.com

Tim gave away a free Sonic Freedom™ - Billy Sheehan autographed guitar to celebrate the debut CD release. He intends to give away another rock star autographed guitar in the not too distant future. The entry form will be at his website. Billy Sheehan, Jim Roberts and Bass Player Magazine recognized Tim Mainka in a worldwide scholarship contest for the Bass Institute of Technology (BIT). Billy Sheehan, had this to say: "I enjoyed your playing very much... I'm sure your talents will take you far.” Billy Sheehan’s words ring true in this debut album, “Just Give Me Some Time” which is but one of many milestones in Tim Mainka’s music career.

To listen to free mp3 downloads, purchase the limited collectible 1st edition CD, “Just Give Me Some Time”, and find more exciting news and information, visit: JustGiveMeSomeTime.com or SonicFreedom.com

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