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Sonic Freedom™ - Bio

"...A Rock Star"
...here you are – fulfilling your destiny! Rock on Tim!"
- Buddy, MakeAStar.com

Yes. History unfolding...Sonic Freedom music in the making...Tim Mainka, a.k.a. Sonic Freedom was born musically gifted and destined to rock! Greater Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA man, Tim Mainka writes, performs and records all instruments--guitar, bass, drums, vocals...and more.

Tim Mainka's debut Sonic Freedom™ CD, "Just Give Me Some Time," dazzles forth passionate Posirock, a new emerging revolutionary musical genre. Posirock music maintains an essential positive vibe in all. Some music and lyrics can bring us down. Tim desires to uplift and inspire.
That is the essence of Posirock. One of his lyrics, "I Like It", celebrates good music.
Two lines in particular from this song encapsulate his musical vision:
"I just want some good sound...no noise, no headaches, no words to bring me down".

The passion of Sonic Freedom™ music reflects Tim's gratitude for life. In pioneering Posirock, Tim's musical journey reveals puzzle pieces coming together for the Sonic Freedom™ big picture.

Fast Facts:

Tim Mainka has a B.A. in Music, cum laude.
Tim is a 4 time, top 16 finalist at MakeAStar.com's worldwide songwriting contest.
Tim has outstanding experience in performing, songwriting, and recording
in rock bands, tribute bands, jazz combos, jazz big bands, and wind symphonies and has also explored upright bass and classical guitar.

Tim Mainka is a pioneer. Sonic Freedom™ is the first artist in history to market the artist name displaying the ™ or ® symbol in the logo. Tim Mainka - Sonic Freedom™ encourages others artists to join him in pioneering Posirock, an emerging musical genre. His pioneering efforts do not stop here. In a day and age when major record companies are suing music consumers, Tim's record company, Sonic Freedom Records, offers an unheard of, unbelievable 60 day money back guarantee for his Sonic Freedom™ debut CD record. How many record labels or stores will allow you to take shrink wrap off and test drive a CD for 60 days?!

Tim Mainka grew up in Les Paul's hometown, Waukesha, Wisconsin, USA, in a household of musically active brothers. Hearing his brothers play all kinds of rock on the drums, Tim, at the age of ten, said to himself, "I can do that too. I can be a rock star." He quickly started to teach himself Mötley Crüe and Guns 'N Roses songs. At age twelve, he picked up guitar and wrote his first power chord rock song. By age thirteen, he took up bass which became his forte in numerous bands, including the progressive instrumental rock trio, "Torque", in which he could show off his Billy Sheehan, Geddy Lee, Jaco Pastorius, Cliff Burton, Les Claypool inspired chops. Self-taught, Tim enthusiastically explored these instruments with confidence as he embarked upon his lifelong musical destiny.

After winning in numerous high school talent shows and "Battle of the Bands" during his senior year, Mukwonago High, voted him "Most Likely To Become A Rock Star." With his unlimited creativity and innovation, Tim knew he could not be content as a music teacher in the public school system. As a free bird, Tim needed freedom to fly dreams high. After sharing his musical knowledge and techniques for years, as a private instructor...now is the time to unleash Sonic Freedom™
§¤¤° www.SonicFreedom.com °¤¤§

World renown bassist Billy Sheehan, Jim Roberts and Bass Player Magazine recognized Tim Mainka in a worldwide scholarship contest for the Bass Institute of Technology (BIT). Jim Roberts,
the ex-editor of Bass Player Magazine, stated "Congratulations...the competition was tough."
Billy Sheehan had this to say: "I enjoyed your playing very much...I'm sure your talents will take you far."

Yes! The Sonic Freedom™ debut CD, "Just Give Me Some Time" has been eagerly anticipated. Powerful Positive Passionate Posirock. Will you be first to experience this breathtaking breakthrough and celebrate sonic liberation? Will you be first to own a piece of collectible history in this dazzling musical destiny...(limited collectible 1st edition CD's and limited edition custom picks) Tim Mainka's Sonic Freedom debut CD release “Just Give Me Some Time“ is a glimmer of musical blessings unfolding.

The debut CD is available for purchase at JustGiveMeSomeTime.com

Contact: Sonic Freedom Records (s.s.m.)
c/o general Post, Waukesha, Wisconsin. America.
ph0ne : +{616}249~0020 {EST} 9am~1pm
e-mail : SonicFreedom.com